Calculation method of wall paper required

One of the most common questions when buying wall paper is to calculate the number of rolls required. In most cases, wall paper vendors seem to be doing complex calculations in calculating the amount of paper required, but you can easily count the number of rolls of wall paper you need by doing a few simple measurements and calculations.

۱ First, measure the height of the wall. (The height of each wall is typically 2.7 to 3 meters). Note that false ceilings and ceilings are not counted.

۲ Measure the widths of the walls you want and fit the sizes together. The walls in the window and the window, the size of the window and the window of the calculations is low.

۳ Now you have the length and height of a large rectangle that you want to cover with a wall paper.
۴ Each roll has a special width and length of the wallpaper, the size of each wall of the wallpaper will be examined according to the background characteristics of the paper.

The size of the usual rolls on the market:

Width 53 cm in 10 meters

Width of 70 cm along 8.5 meters

Width 90 cm 12.5 meters long

Width of 106 cm in 10 meters

Width of 64 cm in 10 meters

Width of 70 cm in 10 meters

Width 90 cm 12.5 meters long

Width: 106 centimeters across 15.5 meters

In the installation of wall paper, it is always tried to use a piece of paper that looks both prettier and less likely to be slipped off, from the top of the wall to the bottom, using a pad.

۵ Given the width of each roll, we divide the length of the rectangle into the roll width. By doing so, we’ll get the number of sip plates, that is, we’ll find that there are several lines of paper along the wall.
۶ Now we have to calculate how each roll fills a few tiles. We divide the length of the roll over the height of the room and round the resulting number downwards. The number of rolls will be obtained by dividing the total number of slabs by the number of rolls per roll. Round up the resulting number.

If your wall is 7.5 meters long, you will need 5 rolls of wallpaper up to 53 cm long, and for wall papers up to 70 cm, 4 rolls will be required, which will add 1 teaspoon.

Do not worry about excess rolls. In many cases, the amount of extra paper is used for some margins or the matching between the rolls of wallpaper. In any case, keep the amount of wallpaper to be used in the future in case of breakage or tear of paper.

In the figure below, the height of the room is 2.85 meters and the total length of the walls is 13.9 meters. You have selected a wall paper with width of 53 cm and a length of 10 meters. The number of slots you need is equal to 13.9 by 0.53, which is 26.3. We sum up this number up, equivalent to 27 beds for the whole room.

We calculate the number of swords in a roll, is equal to the result of the success of 10 to 2.85, which is 3.5. We sum up this number downwards, and weigh the equivalent of 3 troughs per roll. From the result of dividing the total number of slats (27 slabs) into a roll of a roll (3 slabs), the number of rolls is obtained, which is equal to 9 rolls.