How to choose a wooden parquet or flooring?

Today, a wide range of wood flooring and flooring are in the market, which confronts the audience with this question: which one to buy?
In this article, we intend to express the simple and intuitive answer to this question.
In a credit division, the flooring with the role of the wood is divided into three categories: parquet, laminate, vinyl. First, the parquet is made of solid natural or integrated laminate. Second, laminates are used to paste a layer with a wood pattern They are made on MDF sheets. The third is a vinyl that is made of sticking a layer of wood on a plate made of base vinyl. Each of these categories in turn is subdivided into substrates that are not included in this article.
By introducing the three above categories, we have to ask questions that will affect the selection of one of them.
First question: How much is your budget?
Budget is the most important criterion for decision making in every purchase. The name and profile of these three categories can be seen that the most expensive parquet and vinyl flooring are the cheapest choice for you.
Second Question: Is the flooring installation exposed to moisture?
If the answer is yes, your option will be limited to vinyl flooring. Keep in mind that laminate and parquet resist greatly against water. For example, pouring drinks on the surface of a parquet or laminate will not damage it; however, the penetration of rising moisture (for example, in contact with soil or floor without insulation) or drowning in water will damage them.
Question Three: What is your forecast for maintenance and maintenance?
It is important to note that the maintenance method of these products is different. Partitioning can be done by substituting the lines and scratches and removing it with a little wax on the first day. Lumination is often replaced in the event of injury and can not Minor repair. To do this, remove the damaged piece or tile, by opening the entire surface covered with laminate and replacing the new tile. The vinyl covers are bonded with a very strong adhesive to the floor and you do not have to replace them for repair repairs.
This way, if you think that after a while you need to repair, vinyl is a lot of troublesome and parquet is the least expensive material. Remember, of course, that there is always a high maintenance cost for the consumer.