An important point to pick up your wallpaper is
It should be taken into account that its design and color are based on the furniture of the home, such as furniture, carpets and curtains, and they all fit.

For example, for a classically-styled house, furniture of stainless steel should be used with classic wallpapers and modern wallpapers should be selected for modern-day furniture.

If the space chosen for wallpapers is a limited space with a small amount of space, you should use bright colors to make the space of the house look bigger, and if the size of the space is large, the power of your choice will increase and you can get busy designs. Use special colors and dark colors.

The use of wall-paper with vertical lines, known as striped strips, is recommended for areas with a lower ceiling or corridors.

For the main walls, the wallpapers are floral and patterned, and the wallpaper should complement the design of the flower should be considered for the walls adjacent to the wall, in which the door and window are located.

It should be noted that matching the color of the wallpaper with other home appliances does not necessarily mean that they are color-coded or that the colors are not close, sometimes creating a color contrast between the home appliances makes them two-more beautiful and visible. Better one will be.