Introduction to Aras Parsian Nikan

The Ars Parsian Nikan Trading Group started its activities in 2006 with the goal of creating and delivering quality goods to customers in the field of wallpaper, laminate and home-made wooden products, and with the help of God, we have made great strides. With the experience we have been able to expand our efforts and expand the range of products, so that we can better serve the dear customers, who owe it to God Almighty and the unlucky work of the Aras family. In order to achieve the new product distribution system, we decided to divide the collection of wallpapers and laminates from each other into our specialized branch to our dear colleagues and customers.
For this purpose, VOLCANO brand for the collection of wall paper and WOODPECKER brand was introduced to honorary colleagues for the laminate flooring of Arus Parsian Nikan Trading. Using the capillary broadcast system and implementing a breakdown of 2 products in the form of 2 comprehensive brands has expanded our activities in all provinces of the country.
We are proud today that throughout our beloved country, from Aras River and Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf, we have the honor of distributing various wall and laminate designs in all provinces. We hope that with the double effort, we will be able to serve you with a variety of products.

Best regards Aras Parsian Nikan